Vili Welroos

Architect | Designer | Artist

Vili (RIBA/ARB) is a registered architect working at Foster+Partners in London. 
He is passionate about contemporary manufacture, patterns, abstract art, representation, prototyping and design. These passions inform his practice 

His MArch design thesis "Origin" explored Matter through Digital Prototyping. This highlights the Bespoke Configurational Potentials of digitally produced building components and artistic artefacts. 'Proto' emphasises an 'Origin', a starting point, while 'Type' highlights a particular characteristic or quality of matter. The thesis explored how a variety of initial characteristics can be returned to architecture through digital methods as a means for seeking beauty in the field. Subsequently these explorations propose a Digital Ceramics Lab for Newcastle, inhabiting three In-house Resident Designers and contrasting a traditional Arts Centre.
In architectural production ProtoTyping may take multiple forms, but it is always a test of sorts performed prior to the finished product. "Whether the prototype actually works is not the issue: prototyping is the revelatory process through which a designer gains insight into how well their experiment is proceeding. Failure offers important information, which, when fed back into the creative process, increases the chances of a more successful outcome." (Burry & Burry, p.12)

Digitally produced ceramic components offer contemporary designers and artists an opportunity for Bespoke Customisation with the possibility of designing for Specific Performance. An analysis of the characteristics of natural and crafted ornament offers a definition for the desirable characteristics of digitally crafted artefacts: Variation, Hierarchy, Structure, Depth, Time and Elaboration.
With these qualities in mind, the thesis aimed to answer how our contemporary digital tools might inform the production of an ornamental architecture. And, perhaps offer more eloquent definitions of ornament beyond the merely decorative.